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Point of Single Contact

Welcome to Formalis : What documents should you take with you?

You want to register your company (*) or you want to register as self-employed and you're planning to go to the business counter (Point of single contact).

1. You can go to any counter on the Belgian territory: the one closest to your home, nearest to your place of work or even closest to your vacation spot. Click here for a list of addresses. 

2. Feel free to call our counselor by telephone to ask for an advice or to arrange an appointment at a time that suits you, it will save you queuing. However, you are also welcome at any time, without appointment.

3. The counselor will ask to see or have copies of some documents. so plan to take with you :

  • your ID card or passport
  • a copy of the founding act in case you act on behalf of a company
  • a signed mandate if you act on behalf of another person
  • your degree proving your entrepreneurial skills.
  • if you do not have a degree and if you have been a company manager, make sure you have :
    • your individual accounts for the past 3 years if you had an employee status

    • a statement from your the social security of your country if you where self-employed there
    • a special EU certificate from the Chamber of Commerce if you have (had) a business in your country
  • if your entrepreneurial skills are proven by one of your employees, bring a copy of his employment contract, a term of delegation signed by you and your employee and a copy of his identity card.

4. Enrollment in the KBO/BCE costs € 82.50 (price set by Royal Decree) for the registration of a company and one establishment unit (**), included the checking of your entrepreneurial skills. If you enter a second, third, ... unit, the counter will claim you € 82.50 for each additional entry.
Payment can be done locally via Bancontact. All our counters are equipped for this purpose. You can also pay by bank transfer later.

The website of the FPS Economy (federal ministry) contains detailed information on the "Conditions governing access to the profession"


(*) Although some companies are already included in the BCE/KBO and have received an enterprise number from the commercial court registrar, they are also required to register at a business counter, or one-stop shop for businesses, as a commercial or craft company.
(**) Establishment Unit : every place with an address where, or from where, the company or the self-employed acts, even if there is no human presence.