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Point of Single Contact

The counter of enterprises (Point of Single Contact) for existing enterprises

The words "Counter of Enterprises" are assimilated to "Point of Single Contact". This is true.

They are, in Belgium, also often assimilated to "Starterscounter". This is only partially true.

Existing businesses are required to register any change of address or activity in the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (BCE/KBO).

  • The change of registered office of a corporation occurs when submitting the decision of the General Assembly at the Registry of the Commercial Court.
  • A change of domicile of an self-employed person happens at the local authority. The data of the National Registry are immediately reflected in the BCE/KBO..

The obligation of any company still remains to save changes of addresses of establishment units and activity codes that are already registered in the BCE/KBO.

The law of 16 January 2003 makes the company responsible for this declaration under penalty of fines.  

A visit to any counter, which costs less than 100 €, is certainly justified, compared to the troubles that this may cause.

Do not forget that more and more authorities refer to the BCE/KBO. The purpose of the Points of Single Contact is to have " One place where the service provider communicates its data only once".