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Point of Single Contact

FORMALIS has 34 offices located thoughout the country

Who are we ?

FORMALIS, licensed business counter,

Offers consultancy and handles all administrative formalities concerning the registration of your company with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises :


-          Provides you with your unique enterprise number,

-          Provides permits for itinerant trading and fairground activities,

-          Delivers business cards for non-EEA citizens,

-          Handles the VAT registration of your company,

-          Helps you to set up your company.


With his partners, Formalis offers you multiple services:

  • a Social Insurance Fund for self-employed persons,
  • a licensed Social Secretariat that offers the following services:
  • processing and calculating wages,
  • social-judicial assistance,
  • recruitment services,
  • courses in social matters.
  • a child benefit fund for employees,
  • insurance consultancy,
  • health insurance,
  • occupational medicine service.


Especialy for the building activities :

  • Social matters :
    Social regulation and conventional construction regimes.
  • Legal matters :
    Public procurement regulations, relationships with suppliers, customers and architects, suitable for construction as access to professional regulations and Agréation
  • Fiscal matters :
    VAT rates, direct taxes, real estate taxes, registration fees.
  • Economical matters :
    Adjustment formulas, investment incentives and formalities for export, statistics, CMK.
  • Environnemental matters :
    Environmental permits and building, regulation of inert waste, hazardous waste and packaging waste, remediation of contaminated land, certifications of quality and safety.
  • Training :
    Management training, specific training for workers and employees, computer training.