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Point of Single Contact

Points of Single Contact : a glimpse into the near future

Nowadays, any PSC should be able to help installing entrepreneurs in any country in Europe.

If this is true for national matters, practice shows that this is much more complicated for international matters.

Europe, through its "Simple Procedures Online for Cross-border Services" (SPOCS-project), is working on a system that makes it easier to set up a business from within a local country to a country abroad.

There are still many obstacles to be removed as :

  • Provision of information to the service provider combing information gathered by different Member States i.e. processes from a Member State related with documents of another Member State.
  • Submission of electronic documents that can be easily checked for their validity and their suitability for the specific process from different Member States.
  • Automatic retrieval of documents from a source of authentic documents installed in another Member State.
  • Provide a secure communication channel from the Pont of Single Contact of a Member state to the service provider of another Member State with all the appropriate acknowledgment receipts that are necessary for legal results that the EU Service Directive has foreseen.

Have a look to what SPOCS promises for 2012.