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Starting a business.

Entrepreneurial abilities

In order to work as a self-employed worker, you must fulfill certain conditions (age, civil rights etc.) and complete various legal formalities (registration with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, sign up for the VAT, registration with a social insurance fund for self-employed workers, etc.).

A commercial or craft company who wishes to register with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises must show proof of entrepreneurial abilities. Entrepreneurial abilities are:

  • Basic management knowledge;
  • Inter-sectoral professional skills;
  • Sectoral professional skills.


Basic management knowledge

Requirements for basic management knowledge are the same for all activities, whether this self-employed activity is a main professional activity or merely as a sideline.

This basic knowledge considers:

  • Entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial skills,
  • Elementary knowledge of law, accounting, financial and tax issues, commercial management and legislation.


Inter-sectoral professional skills

This includes a number of skills which are common for certain occupations or activities. For now, there is only one, related to motor vehicle business activities.


Sectoral professional skills

There are specific conditions for each type of activity. These regulated professions are grouped into 3 sectors of activity:

  • Cycles and motor vehicles
  • Construction and electronics
  • Body care provider, optician, dental technician and undertaker.


5 other remaining professions are also regulated:

  • Wholesale butcher,
  • Refrigeration engineer,
  • Dry cleaner,
  • Restaurant owner/caterer,
  • Baker/pastry chef.


How can you prove your basic management and professional skills?

You will have to do one or more of the following:

  • Present a valid diploma

i.e. a secondary school certificate indicating basic knowledge, a higher education diploma or a similar document

  • Prove that you have adequate professional experience

If you don't have a diploma but have been working in the profession in question for several years. Proof must be furnished by written official documents such as social documents from your employer or a certificate from your employer.

  • Sit an exam set by the Federal Public Service Economy, SMEs, Independent Professions and Energy

See the FPS Economy website www.economie.fgov.be for detailed information about the syllabus and application forms.

  • Prove your entrepreneurial skills through a third person

Under certain circumstances you can call on a 'third person' who will effectively take care of the daily management of the company and can furnish proof of the requisite skills.

For further information, please contact your local point of single contact.