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Point of Single Contact

Formalis, the Business Counter (Point of Single Contact)

The Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (KBO/BCE)

gives to every enterprise or self employed person a unique identification number (enterprise number) that will be registered with other data (name, address, establishment units, ...). Businesses use their unique enterprise number as a means of identification in exchanges of information between businesses and the public authorities and in electronic data transfers in the new context of e-government.

The accredited Business Counter (Point of Single Contact)

was established in 2003 in implementation of general modernization of public services, confirmed by the Services Directive, to simplify administration of existing businesses and optimize the steps of creating and implementing a new business. 

Missions of the accredited Business Counters.

Check the conditions of access to the professions. The business counter checks whether the company meets the conditions for practising its profession (knowledge of basic management and professional knowledge, butcher’s licence, professional card for foreigners, etc.).

Enter the trade and craft sectors with the Crossroads Bank for businesses. This enterprise number replaces the Trade Register, the VAT number and, in the future, the employers Social Security registration number.

Provide other services such as counseling and guidance, the formalities such as registration application for VAT and Social Security or demands for other permissions.

Results of registering at the business counter.

Registering at the business counter has a series of effects:

- barring evidence to the contrary, registration presupposes trader or craftsperson status;
- for commercial or craft businesses, the enterprise number replaces either the trade register number or the craftsperson registration number;
- all deeds, invoices, announcements, communications, letters, orders and other documents from commercial or craft businesses must always indicate the enterprise number;
- the term ‘registre des personnes morales’ (register of legal persons) or the abbreviation ‘RPM’ and/or its Dutch equivalent ‘rechtspersonenregister’/ ‘RPR’ followed by the enterprise number must appear on the buildings, stalls and vehicles used by the business


For the fulfilling, in one place, of the tasks related to the legal, economic and social existing businesses and implementing the procedures necessary to become independent or to start a business

With 34 counters, the association is, with one exception, the only one to have as many offices. It is also one of the few counters in a balanced distribution of its offices across the country.

It offers the widest range of services through its partners, to existing businesses, and the self-employed who start a business.

The association is accredited by the Ministerial Decree of 11 June 2003, Belgian Monitor of June 27, 2003..