Formalis really simplifies life

Becoming self-employed is just a few clics away!

All the administrative steps online thanks to formalis online

Your SME is moving or changing activities,

you can count us for an easy an wuick update of your information !

With our online tool, manage directly your client’s data

Formalis, certified enterprise counter,

completes for you all the tasks linked to the legal, economical and social affairs.


Do you want to become self-employed? Do you want to create your enterprise? You don’t know where to start and you seek to analyse all the possibilities…


Is your SME changing registered office or modifying its activity?
Count on us to update your data, in the blink of an eye!


Take advantage of our online tool and directly manage your clients’ official data.
Save time in our
ultra-secure environment.

Why Formalis?


Approved one-stop-shop for enterprise registration



Approved social secretariats



34 decentralised offices



Active in all sectors, from the construction sector



Fully accessible online!


Formalis really simplifies life

As an approved enterprise one-stop shop, Formalis can simplify your life. This is not just a slogan. Proof of this are its 34 decentralised offices, a galaxy of services, each one more essential than the other… and a revolutionary ONLINE tool!

Lancement de la campagne « »

Déjà plus de 31.000 nouveaux emplois créés grâce aux mesures « zéro coti » ! BRUXELLES, 04/09/18 - La mesure « zéro coti» est une réussite. Elle consiste, pour rappel, à permettre aux employeurs d'être dispensés à vie de cotisations patronales de base...

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Formalis undergoes a makeover

With a new look, information in four languages and the development of the Formalis Online electronic platform, there's no doubt about it: the business counter has outdone itself with its new website. Considering the continuous technological advancement in...

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