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Point of Single Contact

Where to go in case of a creation of an enterprise or in case of modification of some items

The following scheme provides an short overview. The left column lists the actions to be taken when creating or changing your business. The right column shows information about instances that introduce or modify your data.

Actions that have to be taken

Performed by :

Initiation/modification from identity data of self-employed (commercials & non-commercials, free lancers and liberal professions)

Counter of Enterprises FORMALIS

Change of address of a self-employed

Local authority

Initiation / modification of identification data (name, registered office, ...) for a company with legal personality

Commercial Court Registry

Foreign enterprises who want to settle in Belgium

see articles in "Point of Single Contact"

Vérification of entrepreneurial skills and 4 "prior authorisations"

Counter of enterprises FORMALIS

Attribution / change in trade and craft corporate quality
initiation / modification of data of business units (address & activities)

Counter of enterprises FORMALIS

Application of VAT liability

Counter of enterprises FORMALIS or directly at the VAT administration

Changes VAT data

VAT administration or FORMALIS

Attribution/change as an employer

National Social Security Office or a Social Secretariat

Domestic personnel

National Social Security Office or a Social Secretariat (no registry at the counter)

Unincorporated associations and temporary and unincorporated enterprises

VAT and/or NSSO (no counter but every single associate has to be registered individually)

ASBL (non-profit organiasations)

Commercial Court Registry when created, the management office of the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises for modifications

Joint owners of buildings

Bureau d'Hypothèques (Mortgage Bureau) done by the syndic of the building