One-stop shop for foreign enterprises

Created in 2003, the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE) and the approved one-stop-shops for enterprise registration (GEA) fulfil the objective of administrative simplification desired by the federal government. A European directive known as the “Services Directive” emphasises this objective of simplification.

On 28 December 2009, the Formalis one-stop shop became the single point of contact for entrepreneurs, whether Belgian or European, who can make all applications for formalities related to:
– his/her free provision of services in Belgium;
– his/her freedom of establishment in Belgium.

The one-stop shop will be assigned a specific level of competences according to the type of authorisation (access to the profession, foodstuffs, transport licence.):

Information and intermediaries:

  • Information: the one-stop shop informs the enterprise concerning the authorisation;
  • Intermediary: the one-stop shop makes the request to the competent administration in place of the enterprise;

Information and support:

  • Information: the one-stop shop informs the enterprise and helps it to complete its application for its request;
  • The one-stop shop informs the enterprise of the state of progress of the application.

Information and authorisation:

  • Information: the one-stop shop informs the enterprise;
  • Authorisation: the one-stop shop is competent to give a ruling on the request for authorisation applied for.