Additional services


The status of self-employed offers much freedom, but requires devoting quite a lot of time to it. No worries, you are not alone. The specially-trained employees of Formalis can help you fulfil the various administrative obligations. You can therefore devote more time to your new activity.


Our offer for starters and the self-employed

Formalis one-stop-shop for enterprise registration

  • Administrative formalities for creating an enterprise with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises
  • Request for the various licenses and authorisations
  • Request for a VAT number

Social-security fund

  • Calculation and collection of the quarterly social-security contributions for the self-employed
  • Calculation and collection of the annual contributions paid by companies
  • Management of social-security benefits: transitional entitlement, allowances for caregivers, maternity aid
  • Information, advice and support for the self-employed in relation to their rights and obligations and changes to the social-security legislation

Family allowances fund

  • Management and payment of family allowances and childbirth allowances

Our offer for employers

Social secretariat

  • Administrative formalities related to the engagement of personnel
    • Registration with the ONSS
    • Registration with various organisations
    • Writing the employment regulations
    • Writing employment contracts
  • Calculation of the remuneration of workers and enterprise managers
    • Implementation of legal formalities
  • Routine legal advice on employment legislation

Other services


  • Health insurance policy
  • Hospitalisation insurance


  • For projects related to your personnel, to the environment and to innovation
  • To develop your enterprise


  • Work-related accident insurance
  • Guaranteed income (in case of accident or illness)
  • Group insurance
  • Secure-Up
  • Guaranteed incomes for the self-employed and starters
  • Supplementary pension:
    • Free supplementary pension for the self-employed (PLCI)
    • Individual pension commitment (EIP)
    • Pension agreement for independent worker (CPTI)