Modifications in the CBE

The phrase “one-stop-shop for enterprise registration” is often considered equivalent to “One-stop shops for starters”.

It is true, but only partially…

Existing enterprises are obliged to register any change of address, access to the profession or activity with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises (CBE).

  • The change of registered office of a legal entity is effective when the decision of the General Meeting of Shareholders is registered with the Commercial Court Registry.
  • The change of domicile of a self-employed physical person at the municipal administration modifies the data of the National Register, which is immediately passed on to the CBE.

There nevertheless remains an obligation on all enterprises to register changes of address, access to the profession and the activities of business units in the CBE.

The CDE, book III makes the enterprise responsible for this declaration under penalty of fines.  In an extreme case, a court will judge that the defaulting enterprise is automatically the losing party without even considering the merits of the dispute.

A visit to the one-stop-shop for enterprise registration, which costs €89.50, is certainly justified compared to the problems that such a situation can cause.

Do not forget that more and more administrations refer to the CBE for the purposes intended in 2003 by the public authorities: “A single place where the enterprise only communicates its data once.”