The Formalis one-stop shop

Formalis really simplifies life

As an approved enterprise one-stop shop, Formalis can simplify your life. This is not just a slogan. Proof of this are its 34 decentralised offices, a galaxy of services, each one more essential than the other… and a revolutionary ONLINE tool!

Set up on 30 May 2003, Formalis is an approved one-stop shop for setting up enterprises, arising from a partnership between 2 groups:

  • the Construction Group: composed of Embuild, local associations Embuild and approved local social secretariats from the local associations
  • and Group S: social secretariat and insurance fund for the self-employed

This single point of contact for all entrepreneurs has been decentralised into 34 offices, spread throughout the country. This intentional proximity is one of the major assets of the ASBL, which is apolitical.

Formalis performs legal, economic and social-security tasks that can make life simpler for starters, and for existing enterprises.

Tasks of the one-stop-shop for enterprise registration

  • Check the conditions for access to the profession. The one-stop shop examines whether the required abilities exist.
  • Register commercial and artisanal enterprises with the Crossroads Bank for Enterprises, which assigns them an Enterprise number. This number replaces the commercial register number, the VAT number and, in future, the ONSS number.
  • Supply other services, such as consulting and provision of support, perform formalities such as requests for registration for VAT and with the ONSS or requests for authorisation.

What can Formalis do for you?

  • Register your enterprise with the CBE
  • Check whether you need specific authorisations and inform you on this subject
  • Take care of your affiliation, or possibly that of your company, with the Group S social-security fund for the self-employed
  • Provide you with support and advice on your rights and obligations as a self-employed person
  • Take care of identification for VAT, if necessary

Do not forget to inform your Formalis manager of any administrative change related to your enterprise. In particular, you must inform us of the following changes:

  • Change of address of your establishment unit
  • Modification of your activity
  • Change of manager or director
  • Cessation