Professional skills: Construction activities

These are works relating to a building. A building is defined by law as a structure of durable materials, intended for human habitation, for administrative, industrial, commercial, medical, cultural, sporting, religious, agricultural or horticultural purposes. This restriction does not apply to the electrotechnical activities discussed further down this page.

Construction has 10 groups or clusters of activities. A person who demonstrates the skills for one of the activities of a cluster may engage in all the activities of that cluster.

You can prove professional knowledge with a diploma or practical experience. More specifically, this is 5 years as a secondary activity or part-time, or 3 years as a principal activity or full-time, in the last 15 years.

Structural works activity:

Masonry, concrete or demolition works: the construction, repair or demolition of the structure of a building, works relating to the stability and resistance of the building.

Plastering, cementing and screed laying activities:

The coating and covering of supports, walls and ceilings with plaster, plasterboards, mortar or cement and their repair, or the covering of floors with mortar and their repair.

Tiling, marble and natural stone activities:

The covering and repair of floors and walls with ceramic, concrete, natural stone or marble tiles, mosaics or natural stone or marble elements.

Roof and sealing activities:

The construction and repair of:

  • the framework;
  • the covering, with the exception of covering of plant materials, glass or translucent or transparent materials;
  • the sealing of façades, side façades;
  • roofs, terrace roofs and floors of rainwater collection reception and drainage structures.

Carpentry and glazing activities:

the installation and repair of frames, doors, panes and shutters, doorways, staircases, verandas and kitchen and bathroom furniture, and the installation and repair of glazing and of any transparent durable material.

General carpentry activities:

The installation and repair of wall and floor coverings using solid materials.

Finishing activities:

  • painting work;
  • carpeting and laying soft floor coverings;
  • the covering of surfaces with paint, varnish or tinted transparent materials to protect and embellish them, the fitting of carpets, canvas to be painted and soft coverings glued over the whole surface;
  • the covering of walls and floors with soft coverings.

Central heating, air-conditioning, gas and sanitary facility installation activities:

The installation and repair, including all the pipes, of: central heating installations, installations consisting of a central heat source, with the heat being distributed by water, air or steam pipes, gas appliances for heating, items and appliances for sanitary use, air-conditioning installations in which only water or air are used as a coolant.

Electrotechnical activities:

The repair of electrical devices and the installation and repair of all electrical installations for the supply of power, for lighting, for illuminated signs, for heating, for air-conditioning using more than just water or air as a coolant, for home automation, for communication, for signalling, for the recording and reproduction of images or sounds, and for the protection against overvoltage, fire or theft.

General contracting activities:

Building, renovating, arranging the building or renovation of a building pursuant to a contract to undertake works, until completion when several subcontractors are called upon in this respect.